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  Dishman Hills is a unique and special little woodland tucked into a highly residential area. There are ponds with frog choruses and wildflowers add splashes of color to the forest greens and browns. Springs feed lush wetlands and animals come to browse. 

  These animals do not come through downtown. They travel down the ridge from Tower Mountain, Mica Peak and Turnbull Wildlife Refuge following their corridor to the Dishman Hills Natural Resources Conservation Area commonly known as the Dishman Hills Natural Area. They can’t own and protect their travel way, but with your help we can.

  Welcome to our website!  Download a map and travel the forest pathways or take a virtual trip through our photo gallery both here and on Facebook, then help us keep Spokane Near Nature, Near Perfect. Or as some like to say, It's about the moose in your backyard.


  The vision of the Dishman Hills Conservancy is a vibrant and contiguous ecosystem in the Dishman Hills area, permanently protected, well managed and recognized as an asset for the community.  

Core Values

  Integrity       Stewardship       Advocacy



   Our mission is to conserve the lands within the Dishman Hills, Dishman Ridge and  Tower Mountain areas. We work towards this goal by collaboration with private land  owners, other organizations and government entities with a similar vision. We steward  these lands using high standards of land trust management and we advocate for their value as a natural and educational resource.

 * Discover Pass Not Required for Dishman Hills Trailheads


Organization Name Change 

  The Dishman Hills Natural Area Association (DHNAA) Board elected to change the name of the organization to doing business as (DBA) the Dishman Hills Conservancy (DHC) in Spring 2012 to reflect the significant conservation land owned and stewardship activities outside of the Natural Area. DHC still focuses on the Dishman Hills including the Natural Resource Conservation Area to the north and Rocks of Sharon on the south side, but will as well be helping with the new Dishman Hills Conservation Area, Iller Creek Conservation Area and lots of other projects. This proposed name change was then presented to the membership on 15 January, 2013 during the annual membership meeting and made permanent with the historic DHNAA name being transitioned to a DBA.







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