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Trail Maps

The Dishman Hills is comprised of three units of land that are open to the public: the Dishman Hills Natural Area, Glenrose, and Iller Creek. These three units are shown below in the “Publicly Accessible Lands” map. There are also about 500 acres of the Dishman Hills, including the Wilson Conservation Area, that are not yet open to the public, as there are no legal access, parking, or trail systems yet. Tours of the Wilson Conservation Area are available to DHC members on an invite-only basis. To request a tour, members should contact Ruth Gifford at ed@dishmanhills.org or 509-598-0003. The other maps shown below are detailed trail maps of the Dishman Hills Natural Area, Glenrose, and Iller Creek. Click the maps to view or download or print and bring them with you on your visit to the Dishman Hills. Each map includes driving directions to the trailheads.

Publicly Accessible Lands & Trailheads

Natural Area Map

Glenrose Map

Iller Creek Map