Birch Hollow and Lost Ponds additions acquired,

26 Jan 2015 12:28 PM | Anonymous

Lights & Shadows

By Michael Hamilton

    Just before the end of 2014, the Conservancy closed on an important land deal of two parcels we refer to as the Birch Hollow and Lost Ponds additions. These two beautiful land tracts go a long ways to stabilize the environmental setting on the southwest side of the Natural Area. Both pieces have a mature forest cover and spectacular rock outcrops of granite and the metamorphic rock, gneiss. They very much compliment the adjacent terrain of the Natural Area. They will also provide an important buffer area between the environmentally sensitive ecologies on the west side of the NRCA and the urban development creeping up the slopes to take advantage of view property opportunities.

    This land acquisition is an example of the project types that the Conservancy does best. The deal was negotiated with a family with whom we had a long-term relationship. We have been watching this land for many years, and when it headed for market we jumped right in. We are Opportunists and proud of it! Negotiations included segregating the open space into two parcels and crafting a deal that satisfied both sides. Time was of the essence. The financial support from our supporters allowed us both to quickly pay for the necessary surveys, partial payments, and closing cost, and to engineer low interest loans to see the deal done. We have great appreciation for the outpouring of support when the call went out for donations.

    As we enter 2015, we are looking forward to other mission challenges such as the Dream Trail project to connect the many individual natural areas in the Dishman Hills. But we do this with the warm feeling of a very successful 2014 with the saving of the Birch Hollow and Lost Pond additions and the completion of the trail easement connecting our Cliff property with the Glenrose Conservation Area.. The story of this land acquisition, however, is not over. This land is a very welcomed addition to the Dishman Hills Natural Area.

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