• 23 Apr 2012 3:56 PM | Anonymous

    Thank you to the 540+ volunteers that joined us yesterday in the Dishman Hills Natural Area to celebrate Earth Day. We were able to remove noxious weeds, clean debris, trail repair/corrections, clear obstructed paths, planted over 2,000 native plants, thin overgrown forest regions and had an overall good time providing stewardship to our community.


    Thank you also to all of our event partners who made this happen:

    Avista, B Radicals, Dishman Hills Natural Area Association (DHNAA), Earthworks Recycling, Embroidered Sportswear, Inc., Gonzaga University, Inland Empire Back Country Horsemen, Inland Northwest Trails Coalition, The Lands Council, Pizza Rita, REI, Spokane County Parks & Recreation, Spokane Mountaineers, Spokane Sierra Club Inner City Outings, Virtual Vortex, Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, Washington State Department of Natural Resources, Washington Trails Association and Zip2Water


    Click here to see event phots

  • 21 Apr 2012 11:00 AM | Mary Weathers

    Come visit our booth at Earth Day on Main St. downtown.  We will have brochures, pictures and handouts of upcoming events.  We are celebrating our achievement in purchasing land that was added to the conservation futures program.  Our participation made it happen- opening up new prime hiking and wildlife territory in the Dishman Hills.  We have big plans for completing the Dream Trail and we need your help in doing it.

  • 12 Apr 2012 10:39 PM | Anonymous
    The Dishman Hills Natural Area Association has acquired a key piece of conservation land in the Dishman Hills at a cost of $258,000. The land will be donated to the County Conservation Futures program and is a required part of the acquisition of a new 269-acre conservation area. The new conservation area is accessible from Glenrose and is part of the Dream Trail connection between the Dishman Hills Natural Area and the Iller Creek Conservation Area. The Dishman Hills Natural Area Association plans to connect the two conservation areas in order to provide a wildlife corridor and recreation trails extending about ten miles.
  • 11 Apr 2012 1:36 PM | Anonymous

    Thanks to the Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife for this information.


    Do's and Don'ts in Cougar Country While recreating in cougar habitat, you should:

    1.     Hike in small groups and make enough noise to avoid surprising a cougar.

    2.     Keep your camp clean and store food and garbage in double plastic bags.

    3.     Keep small children close to the group, preferably in plain sight just ahead of you.

    4.     Do not approach dead animals, especially deer or elk; they could have been cougar prey left for a later meal.


    If you encounter a cougar:

    1.     Stop, stand tall and don't run. Pick up small children. Don't run. A cougar's instinct is to chase.

    2.     Do not approach the animal, especially if it is near a kill or with kittens.

    3.     Try to appear larger than the cougar. Never take your eyes off the animal or turn your back. Do not crouch down or try to hide.

    4.     If the animal displays aggressive behavior, shout, wave your arms and throw rocks. The idea is to convince the cougar that you are not prey, but a potential danger.

    5.     If the cougar attacks, fight back aggressively and try to stay on your feet. Cougars have been driven away by people who have fought back.


    The Department of Fish and Wildlife responds to cougar and bear sightings when there is a threat to public safety or property. If it is an emergency, dial 911. If you experience a cougar or black bear problem, and it is not an emergency, contact the nearest regional Department of Fish and Wildlife office between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. In King County, the number to call is (425)775-1311. If you need to report a non-emergency problem when Department of Fish and Wildlife offices are closed, contact the Washington State Patrol or nearest law enforcement agency


    You can find a downloadable version of this information via the following link:


    Living with Wildlife - Cougars (Mountain Lions)

  • 08 Feb 2012 11:23 PM | Anonymous
    On April 22nd we will be celebrating "Earth Day" in the Dishman Hills Natural Area. This event is an opportunity to provide the Stewardship back to the area we enjoy. Last year 340 volunteers join us and we are looking for this year's event to be just as successful.

    If you would like to join us, REI has opened their registration website for this event and can be reached via the following link.

    We are also still looking for volunteer leaders that can assist with the days events. If you are interested is helping with the planning of this event, please watch the Events Page for the next Spring Service Day Planning Meeting. As of the date of this posting, the next meeting is scheduled for February 15th at 6:30 PM in the REI Conference Room.

    We are also accepting in-kind and financial donations to obtain supplies and plants for projects desired during the event.

    If you would like to look back at photos from last years event, you can view them in our digital photo album.

    Thank you for support and hope to see you at either a planning meeting or the service day.
  • 18 Jan 2012 8:56 PM | Anonymous

    The DHNAA Annual Meeting was held on January 17th in the Moran Prairie Library 6004 S. Regal Street Spokane, WA 99223. During this meeting, the DHNAA 2012 Board of Directors were elected and are as follow:


    Michael Hamilton, President

    Jeff Lambert, Vice President
    Bea Lackaff, Secretary
    Kris Wolbach, Treasurer
    Andrew Ashmore
    Suzy Dix
    Bruce Erickson
    Paul Flanary
    Bob Hamacher
    Chris Kopczynski
    Dave Lill

    Robert Ordner

    Chris Polito
    David Schaub

    Mary Weathers

  • 28 Sep 2011 11:56 AM | Anonymous

    Big news: After many years of work, patience, and perseverance, we have reached a deal with Spokane County to transfer our Big Rock 80 acres to their Conservation land holdings. As part of this deal we will also be providing a public trailhead and parking on the south side of the Iller Creek Conservation Area (CA). This is a major step in establishing access to some very impressive natural spaces and outdoor recreational opportunities. To really appreciate this, a little history of this deal is appropriate. We started our efforts under the direction of Tom Rogers, our founder, in 1994, with the purchase of 170 acres on Tower Mountain. It was a traumatic event since we tasked ourselves with big debt. We depended on the people of the community that shared our vision to help us with the resources to payoff this debt, and we were not disappointed. This project was Tom Roger’s “Swan Song” and those of us working with him pledged to see it through. Big Rock and the land around it were soon nominated for the new Conservation Futures Program, since we realized their importance to the community. The ball was rolling and as the century came to a close Spokane County, Washington State, and the Association had all pitched in to create new conservation lands on Tower Mountain that were pushing 1,000 acres in total! But the job was not done. Big Rock was the centerpiece of the new conservation area and it was still not part of it. It was not until 2009 that we obtained the Big Rock lands through a complicated and innovative land swap. Once again the backing of many good people made this step possible. Now, with Big Rock’s inclusion into Iller Crk. CA, and parking and public access to the southern flanks of Tower Mtn., what was once a dream, a wild idea bantered over the table at board meetings, has become a reality. Tom we

    have done it.

    The Deal: We will be transferring our Big Rock 80 acres into County holdings for a compensation of $439K, but before you gasp over the sum, lets go over the rest of the deal. Much of these funds will have a very short residency time in our pockets. As part of the agreement we will pay out immediately $130K for the land for parking, $108K for parking lot construction, $30K for road improvements, and probably several $k’s for closing incidentals. When the smoke clears, all the above will be in County ownership, and the Association will be walking away (happy) with approximately $170K. Please do not look at this as profit since the costs of the land swapped for Big Rock and the costs for the swap process were significant. But, all of this is very good. The real winners will be the Spokane community. The story goes on. Our next land deal with our latest Conservation Futures Nominations is coming to completion soon and we have pledged to cover $257K (1/2 of total) of the purchase cost if the deal can be completed. Those in command of basic math skills can see the net here is a minus $87K. That puts us back to raising the funds in a new campaign for public support (see below).

    The dream: There is no doubt that those working with the Dishman Hills Association are serial dreamers. This deal is also part of our current dream to connect the conservation lands that are scattered along the Dishman Ridge and Tower Mtn areas in order to support ecological health, while providing better recreational opportunities. With the Big Rock transfer we have assured its’ roll in the Iller Crk. CA, while providing new public access and additional funds to take the

    next step in obtaining more lands to connect the Dishman Hills Natural Area with the Iller Crk. CA. The Dream Trail would run through the connector lands, and supply an outstanding recreational experience as it climbs from the valley floor to the mountain top. This next project

    will also take many years, and we invite all to participate.



    We are heading for a new land acquisition,

    the Stone Nomination,

    160 acres south of the Natural Area.

    We need funds by the end of November

    Please consider helping us

  • 07 Jul 2011 3:35 PM | Anonymous
    Dog waste bags and trash can have been added to the Siesta Ave Trail Head. Please do your part and be a responsible owner while helping to preserve this area for others. 
  • 07 Jul 2011 3:28 PM | Anonymous

    Please help support this non-profit organization as a volunteer and/or member.


PO Box 8536
Spokane, WA 99203

(509) 598-0003

Executive Director

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