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    Last night at The Bing Crosby Theatre the movie premier of Wisdom Earned was a huge success!  This benefit event for the Dishman Hills Conservancy was attended by a sold out audience and tells the story of local mountaineering legend Chris Kopczynski's experiences based upon the lost Salmon runs through his hometown of Spokane, WA.


    Movie Preview


    Spokesman Review Article leading up to movie premier  

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    Please remember that fires are not allowed in the Dishman Hills. If you smoke, please also consider NOT tossing that used smoke aside as even that with the current condition can spark what turns into a wildfire.




    Jeff Lambert, Chris Polito and Garth Davis reviewing damage from July 23rd fire in the Dishman Hills Natural Resources Conservation Area. Thankfully only a small area burned due to a quick response from SVFD, but one of the many reasons we are working on management plans that include fuel reduction for our properties.

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    The DHC will host a Natural Area open house on Saturday, July 26th, at Camp Caro at southern end of Sargent Rd., off Appleway in the Spokane Valley. Stop in between 12 and 5pm to see what's up with the DHC, take a guided hike, or become part of a film we are making about the DHC. Bring a picnic, we will have drinks and chips. Call 747-8147 for more details.

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    The DHC brings local 

    kids to the Hills!

                                Department of Natural Resources forester and DHC member, 

    Guy Gifford, talks to a local class of 5th graders about forest 

    health in the Dishman Hills.     



    "Kids in the Hills" Outdoor Education Event at Dishman Hills Natural Area a Big Success!

      On June 03 and 04, the DHC Education Committee brought together 4  nature scientists and eight Spokane area classrooms  (over 230 students ranging from grades 3 to 6),  teachers, and  guides, to enjoy the excellent Nature Lab that is our own Dishman Hills Natural Area. Each classroom spent about 5 hours at the DHNA;  experts led each class on four nature hikes studying forest ecology, geology, pond critters (macro invertebrates), and  wildlife biology. Kids ate their sack lunches and still had time to play on the giant lawn at Camp Caro.

      The DHC, in the spirit of founder Tom Rogers, hopes to make 

    "A Day in the Hills", a fun, educational, cheap and easy field trip for all Spokane area schools, a highlight in the lives of all the young students in the Spokane area.  Read more about this event in an upcoming newsletter.


      Kids taking notes during the Wildlife Biology unit facilitated by resident naturalist
    Ruth Gifford.


    Taking advantage of the shade before heading up into the Hills to discuss Wildlife Biology.




    Children listening to geologist Art Bookstrom as he discusses the unique geology of the Dishman Hills. 


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     New DHNRCA Kiosk Signs



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    Last Saturday we had the 48th-annual Buttercup Hike. With some 130 hikers, the event was one of the largest hikes we have ever had! Thank you to all those who attended, making it a memorable event for everyone there.

    For all of you who may not be members, if you think that open spaces are worth protecting, please join us in our work by going to

    For just a few dollars a month, you can help us we make sure that the Dishman Hills remain available for future generations.

    Also, thanks to David Adams for sharing some of his photos of the event. If you took any photos you would like to share, with us, email Eric Robison at, and he will share your photos on the DHC's website and Facebook page.






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    This nearly 20-acre property sits between the Dishman Hills Natural Area and the Glenrose Conservation Area, adding another crucial link to the Dream Trail Corridor! 

    Thanks to the generous support of our members and partners, we were able to raise nearly $41,000 dollars through our year-end fundraising campaign! With these donations we were able to put a down payment on The Cliffs property, and now have until March 4 to raise the other half. 

    With your help, we are working together to realize the dream of a single, unbroken corridor stretching the entire length of the Dishman Hills. So thank you!



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    December is always a busy and exciting time for the DHC, but this year is even more exciting because of an opportunity we have to purchase two additional properties in the Dream Trail corridor

    The Dishman Hills are a unique treasure in your back yard, but without your immediate investment, it will soon be gone. And we all know that once it’s gone, it’s never coming back. We need your support now before it is too late.                                                

    Together we have made amazing progress towards securing a single, unbroken conservation corridor, adding an additional 269 acres near the Glenrose neighborhood and opening the new Stevens Creek parking lot and trailhead with access to Big Rock in the last year alone.                                           

    Your tax-deductible contribution of $50, $100 or $500 will help us reach our year-end goal of $50,000 to ensure trails, hill-top meadows and trees instead of fences, driveways and houses. So please donate today to help make the Dream Trail a reality.                                           

    With your help raising the funds necessary to purchase these two properties, we can all look forward to more land in the Dishman Hills set aside for conservation and recreation in 2014.   

    Preserving the open spaces of the Dishman Hills would not be possible without the work of people like you. So thank you for your support.     


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